Stephen Penner is an author, artist, and attorney from Seattle, Washington.


Born and raised near Detroit, Michigan, Stephen was writing murder mysteries and fantasy adventures while still in elementary school. In college, he studied languages and spent a year living in Europe. He attended law school at the University of Michigan and moved to Seattle after earning his law degree.


Stephen began his legal career as a criminal defense attorney in downtown Seattle, appearing in federal, state, and municipal courts throughout the State of Washington. After several years of defense work, Stephen 'switched sides' and became a prosecutor. He has been prosecuting cases for over 20 years, working his way up from misdemeanor offenses, to felonies, and finally to homicides. He has tried over 100 cases and now trains and supervises other prosecutors.


As an author, Stephen pens the David Brunelle legal thriller series, featuring Seattle homicide D.A. David Brunelle and a recurring cast of cops, defense attorneys, and forensic experts, and the Talon Winter legal thrillers, starring Tacoma criminal defense attorney Talon Winter. He is also the author of the Maggie Devereaux paranormal mysteries, recounting the exploits of an American graduate student in the magical Highlands of Scotland, and several other stand-alone works.


In his spare time, Stephen enjoys painting, drawing, and spending time with his family. You can email him at