Devil's Plea Bargain

David Brunelle Legal Thriller #11



          The lawyers weren’t really in charge in that moment. The defendant was. And he loved it.

          Brunelle, not so much.

          “Okay, we’re here,” Brunelle barked at Kincaid once the jail guard closed the door to the conference room behind them. “Spit it out.”

          “Before my client says anything,” Edwards interjected, “we need to be in agreement that this is a statement made for the purposes of negotiations. That makes it inadmissible against him under Evidence Rule 408.”

          Brunelle pursed his lips. “You called us all in here for him to say something that could never be used against him? Kind of feels like that could have been an email.”

          “We’re not here to give a confession, Dave,” Edwards responded. “This is an offer. You have to agree that anything he says can’t be used against him.”

         “I can’t make that broad of a promise, Jess,” Brunelle said. “I mean, maybe I could agree to that as to anything he says about this case, but what if he suddenly confesses to a bunch of other murders?”

          Edwards’s expression told Brunelle he’d just hit the nail on the head.

          “Oh my God, Jess,” Brunelle gasped. “Really?”

          “You have to agree, Dave,” Edwards repeated. “Nothing he says can be used against him.”

          “I should have known,” Brunelle shook his head at himself. “You don’t kill just one prostitute. And of course we weren’t lucky enough to catch him after the first one.” He looked Edwards in the eye. “How many?”

          “Dave…” Edwards was still arguing the inadmissibility issue.

          “How many, Jess?” Brunelle demanded.

          “A lot,” Kincaid piped up. “Enough to make it worth your while to listen to me.”

          Brunelle glared down at Kincaid, still calm and smug in his plastic jail chair. “What do you want, Kincaid?”

          “I want a deal, Prosecutor.”

There is no disappointment when Brunelle takes a case. From the first page to the last, the reader is drawn ahead, even into the wee hours of the night. The very human and very conflicted lead character seems to reflect a lot about all of us. I can see a little of me in him as he makes decisions concerning his profession and his family. He is one of my favorite characters.

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Penner is an excellent author. His books are exciting and very hard to put down. Each novel seems to be better and more exciting than his last. I love his characters and the many twists in his stories. I consider Penner to be in my top ten authors.

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