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Talon Winter Legal Thriller #6

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Attorney Talon Winter goes back to her roots to fight for her people and their land, but can she really turn her back on the criminal justice system, and the defendants who need her help?

Talon joins the legal battle to reclaim a part of her tribe's coastal lands from powerful interests intent on keeping it a yacht club for Tacoma's wealthiest denizens. It's the good fight, but it's a slow fight, filled with mountains of paperwork and countless delays. As Talon struggles to push the litigation forward, she finds herself distracted by a new man and a new case. She knows how to ignore a man, but can she sit idly by as an innocent person is railroaded into a life behind bars?

Passion fuels excellence. Talon will need to decide where her passion truly lies, so she can bring to bear the full power of her excellence.

There is no disappointment when Brunelle takes a case. From the first page to the last, the reader is drawn ahead, even into the wee hours of the night. The very human and very conflicted lead character seems to reflect a lot about all of us. I can see a little of me in him as he makes decisions concerning his profession and his family. He is one of my favorite characters.

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Penner is an excellent author. His books are exciting and very hard to put down. Each novel seems to be better and more exciting than his last. I love his characters and the many twists in his stories. I consider Penner to be in my top ten authors.

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