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David Brunelle Legal Thriller #15 



One of Seattle's most flamboyant and successful criminal defense attorneys is murdered in his office, and the case lands on the desk of homicide prosecutor David Brunelle. Brunelle isn't about to shed a tear over the death of a longtime rival, but he has a job to do. The only things standing between him and a conviction are the facts and the law.

Once apprehended, the killer tells a story that, if true, would let him walk out the door. The dead man was everything Brunelle suspected: amoral, craven, unhinged. The killer and a friend went to him for legal help but things went sideways. Things were said. Tempers flared. The lawyer attacked his friend. He had no choice.

The law of self-defense extends to defending others. If what the killer says is true, he's not guilty of murder. Brunelle is ready to believe everything he said about the victim, so why shouldn't he also believe him about how the killing happened? Brunelle embarks on a voyage of discovery about his late opponent, and himself, to try to bring justice to a man who made a career of obstructing it.

There is no disappointment when Brunelle takes a case. From the first page to the last, the reader is drawn ahead, even into the wee hours of the night. The very human and very conflicted lead character seems to reflect a lot about all of us. I can see a little of me in him as he makes decisions concerning his profession and his family. He is one of my favorite characters.

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Penner is an excellent author. His books are exciting and very hard to put down. Each novel seems to be better and more exciting than his last. I love his characters and the many twists in his stories. I consider Penner to be in my top ten authors.

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